About BRICK 101

BRICK 101 is a digital media company that produces videos; engages a global audience of 650,000 fans; and offers workshops, events, and digital marketing services.

BRICK 101’s YouTube videos combine building toys (LEGO, Mega Construx, and more) and pop culture (Batman, Mario, Scooby Doo, Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more). The BRICK 101 YouTube channel entertains, educates, and inspires an international audience. Subscribe to see custom brick creations, reviews of new construction sets, animations, and more!

BRICK 101’s services also include sponsored content, custom stop-motion animations, and educational workshops.

About Dave Pickett

For founder Dave Pickett, BRICK 101 perfectly blends his passions for LEGO, filmmaking, pop culture and digital media. It’s a unique business uniquely suited to his well-balanced analytical and creative capabilities. It's not an exaggeration to say it's his dream job.


Dave only half-jokingly considers LEGO his native language. With two older siblings preceding him, he was born into a house already stocked with LEGO—and spent his childhood using them as his creative outlet. When he was 8, his family got a video camera, which at the time was the zenith of technology. Dave soon began making LEGO movies with it.


Though Dave never officially studied film, he followed his passion in high school and college and continued making LEGO films. YouTube debuted at the ideal moment for Dave, giving him a media platform to share his work with a broader audience.

dave_pickett 2.jpg

For a decade, Dave refined his craft and nurtured his audience as a side business while he pursued a career in digital marketing. That experience complemented his growing business, helping him build his skills and his audience through social media, influencer marketing, and events. During that time, Dave also coauthored The LEGO Animation Book with friend and fellow brickfilm enthusiast David Pagano.


By 2016, Dave had grown BRICK 101 into a full-time business. Today, he continues to create and share his films with his YouTube audience in addition to presenting workshops and creating sponsored content for clients.



When he’s not building with LEGO bricks, Dave enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, watching nerdy TV shows, and exploring Chicago with his husband Bert and their dog Sophie.